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Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

The woman is bad, she makes a grown man cry
The woman is bad, she makes a grown man cry
You ain't the first that she fooled with those ANGEL EYES

The woman is bad, she takes a big man down
The woman is bad, she takes a big man down
And she's laughing at you when you squirm on the ground

She's got a pretty face
She holds it up with grace
You better watch out! She steals your soul away

The woman is bad, she makes a big man down
And she's laughing at you when you squirm on the ground

She's got a pretty face
She holds it up with grace
Now don't you be fooled, she is out of place

The woman is bad, she makes a grown man cry
Now don't you be fooled by those ANGEL EYES!

Baby Hold Me Now

Baby Hold Me Now

Hold me, love me
Take me in your arms, babe
Squeeze me, tease me
Give me all your charms, babe

Just hold me tight and say you love me
It feels so right when you are there
Love me like you never did before

Baby hold me now
Baby show me how
To love you right
How to make you fly
Baby show me how
Baby, baby hold me now

Take me, shake me
Make me take you, baby
Thrill me, spill me
Chill me, make me crazy

Now and forever I wanna hold you
Let me see your very soul
Take my hand and never let me go

Bring Me Down

Bring Me Down

How can something coexist with nothing
How can nothing be a distant something
How can one thing be a part of something
When that something don't believe in nothing

I howl at the moon for you baby
You disengage
Frozen in the very space
Where I'm on fire everyday

All you do is bring me down
Bring me down
All you do is bring me down
(Won't you come around)

Why do you think that you could be missing something
If you relax and do a bit of nothing
Slow down baby, it's only early morning
And it's the weekend and you're up and running

You howl at the moon and I can't sleep
You keep me awake
I'm longing for your embrace
But you're on fire everyday

Can't Bear The Silence

Can't Bear The Silence

Where are you love
I can see you but you're not there
Where are you love
Seems to me that you don't care

I wanna know
Is the love we had a lie
I wanna know
Is it time to say good bye

I try to figure out just what it's all about
And the more I do the more I get confused
I need a helping hand to help me understand
I need revelation, Lord, I need some clues

Can't bear the silence when we're together
Can't bear the loneliness when we're apart
Can't bear the silence, anything is better
Can't bear the loneliness within my heart

Where are you love
When my heart is full of doubts
Where are you love
When my brain can't work it out

Speak to me now
Let me know how I can please
Speak to me now
Set my weary mind at ease

Don't Touch

Don't Touch

Don't touch, keep out
Danger, watch your step

There was a woman at a show and she had caught my eye
Her clothing was tight and the sight was quite breathtaking
A classy lassie with a chassis that was driving me wild
And I'm not really sure about what had happened just then

My hand was where it should not be
And she turned round just to stare at me
I was expecting something really bad
But she just turned to a sign that said:

Don't touch, keep off
This property is private
Don't touch, keep out
Danger, watch your step

A few days later, well, I met her once again in a park
She still was a dream and she seemed to gleam like starlight
She wore a pink top and her twins rocked to the rhythm she walked
Yeah, everything about her made me go crazy on sight

I don't even believe it myself
This hand must belong to somebody else
Again I had crossed the sensitive line
But she just indicated the appropriate sign

Now we are married and I swear it's gonna hold a lifetime
She's got what it takes to make me shake all over
Her eyes are shining just like diamonds ever since she is mine
Now I am so sure that I belong to her

There ain't nowhere that I would rather be
She has set all of my feelings free
Now I utterly enjoy her touch of love
And the sign is framed and hanging up above

Evil Mind

Evil Mind

She's the kind of girl you'd love to meet
She makes you melt in her hand
The things she does knock you off your feet
And before you start to understand

She sucks your blood until you're turning white
She's so very skilled
You don't have the time to turn round and fight
And it's not against your will

And every one tries to make you see some sense:
Can't you see that she's using you?
But they don't know what you're going through
Can't you see that she's using you?
And deep down you know just what is true

She's got a big heart and an evil mind
An evil mind, she's got an evil mind

She's in a constant fight within herself
It's her will against her heart
One day you know her, next she's some one else
And you know it's you who's falling apart

In her eyes there is a dollar sign
It's in control of her will
She's had the taste of the luxury-wine
Now she's lost within its spell



At night I stare holes into the darkness
And quite clearly I hear your voice's sweet caress
The light you've put inside me takes away my breath
So bright, it has turned my life into a mess

No healing sleep allows me to cheat
Into oblivion for a while
But nightmares keep making you a freak
Distorting your irresistible smile

In the dead of the night I wake up crying
I'm falling so incredibly slow
And it's not right that I feel like dying
I'm calling you, please don't let go

My day is a fight for concentration
So gray, I can't recall my obligations
Sunrays don't seem to reach my sensation
They say: I'm shaken at my foundation

Feel Precious

Feel Precious

After all I put you through
You're still firmly by my side
There ain't nothing I could do
To ever make it right

I've been struggling all my life
Now I see the end of pain
There's a sparkle in your eyes
Telling me it's not in vain

You never pass without a quick touch
You never pass me by
Your hugs and kisses never fail to satisfy

You make me feel precious
You make me feel wanted
You make me feel precious
And baby you are most important to me

You freely speak your mind
Still you never cramp my style
Things you leave for me to find
Never fail to make me smile

You push me on when I waver
You believe in me
When I'm blind you make me really see

Fire On Ice

Fire On Ice

This is the place
We're gonna write history
Yeah, it's the place
It was built for you and me

And it's a well
Of victory, fame and pride
You're caught by its spell
As soon as you step inside

Oh – oh
Do you feel the spirit?
Oh – oh
Feel the spirit, now

Fire on ice, fire
Fire on ice
Fire on ice, fire
Fire on ice

The spell's everywhere
It's in the walls and in your seat
It's in the air
In the floor beneath your feet

Excitement is here
Now you are part of the game
The atmosphere
When you all are shouting their names

Fragile Flower

Fragile Flower

One careless word may not be worth the consequence
Try and talk to her or you may drown in the suspense
It's so fragile, the flower that grows in our hearts
Like a weak child, take care of it right from the start

Don't take it for granted or the flower is bound to die
You're gonna resent it, and yes, it will make you cry

Don't forget about the flower in your heart
Don't forget about the power in your hand
Don't forget about the flower in your heart
Don't forget about the power in your hand

A special sign every time you are given a chance
Create sunshine: a hug, a smile, a loving glance
Try to understand just what has been left unsaid
It lies in your hands to keep the tears from being shed

Glide Above The Stars

Glide Above The Stars

Whenever I enjoy myself time just slips away
And for everything I'd like to do I'd need another day
Give me time

But when I am feeling down I'd like time to fly
Time just takes its own sweet time; can you tell me why?
Hurry time

I wish I could glide above the stars
Breaking free from time and space
Then I could see the world from far
Watching the human race

But time is catching up with me
And I know it's just a fantasy
It's the way it's meant to be
Supposedly, I just can't see why

I would like to take the time and change it all around
I'd like to make it work for me but in time we're bound
Take the time

So if I enjoy myself and sands of time run free
Maybe I could take the time and live the time for me
Live the time



When I wanted you to take part in my life
I believed the love and happiness were for real
Now experience tells me love ain't no paradise
But that don't change what I feel

I never stopped loving you
Seems that love is giving me the blues

Happiness was never meant to be
All my dreams are drowned by reality
Happiness was never meant to be
Moments is all that's left for you and me

There is so much more to love than meets the eye
It demands the very essence of your being
It holds an obligation you can't deny
Don't trust in what you think you are seeing

You can't even trust in what you feel
Yet I know my love for you is real

I Wanna Be With You

I Wanna Be With You>

Whatever there's gonna be I can't forget you
Whatever we had my life has come undone
Now I really wish that I had never met you
I just can't understand why you had to run

Now it's time to break out
Now it's time to work it out
But I know that I am fooling myself

I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you

I have tried to love some other woman
And there have been a few who would have stayed
Sometimes I think I care for a moment
But something always takes the feeling away

In My Heart To Stay

In My Heart To Stay

I miss you, oh, how I miss you
You're on my mind, simply all of the time
I love you, oh, how I love you
It hurts so bad, I'm feeling so sad

You're in my heart to stay
Now that you're far away
I want you to know that I am thinking of you

I want you, oh, how I want you
Right by my side, everyday and every night
I need you, oh, how I need you
Your lovely smile makes my life seem worth while

You thrill me, oh, how you thrill me
When you touch me my heart skips a beat
I worry, oh, how it scares me
Right to the bone to think you may go

It's In Their Eyes

It's In Their Eyes

Take my hand and lead me to paradise
Take me to southern skies with your love
I can tell you are the one for me
And you should never be all alone

When two people start
To know that their hearts are one

You can see it in their eyes
They're brightly shining, reflecting the sunlight
You can see it in their smiles
They're singing you a song about a lovely night
You can see it in their eyes

Hold me tight, I wanna feel you close to me
It's where I want to be all the time
Kiss me, baby, let's melt together now
And feel forever now our love's rhyme

Keep On Fighting

Keep On Fighting

Here we are
Together as if one
Together we are strong
Going all the way

Here we are
We are standing tall
And we'll give it all
We are taking our chances today

We keep on fighting, keep on fighting
Keep the spirit high and touch the sky
Keep on fighting, keep on fighting
Gonna spread our wings and we will fly

Here we are
We'll claim what we came for
And we aim to score
We will not back down

Side by side
We will make it right
In red and white we fight
And firmly we stand our ground

Keep On Trying

Keep On Trying

Here I am
Holding out my hand
Trying to understand
Waiting for your call

Here I am
Ready to believe
Ready to receive
And I know I am nothing without you

Keep on trying, keep on trying
Trying to get closer everyday
Keep on trying, keep on trying
And I know that Jesus is the way

Here I am
Seeking truth and love
The spirit from above
Let it fill my soul

Let me see
What I need to know
Where I need to go
And I know I am nothing without you

Estou aqui
Extendo a mão para voçê
Quero intender
Ajuda me Senhor

Estou aqui
Pronto a creer
Pronto a receber
E eu sei que sou nada sem ti

Estou tentando, estou tentando
Estar mas perto di voçê, Senhor
Estou tentando, estou tentando
Eu sei que Jesus é o caminho

Ich bin hier
Ich suche die Wahrheit
Und den heiligen Geist
Erfülle du mein Herz

Lass mich sehn
Hören und verstehn
Auf deinem Wege gehen
Und ich weiss ich bin nichts ohne dich

Versuche weiter, immer weiter
Ich will näher bei Dir sein, oh Herr
Versuche weiter, immer weiter
Und ich weiss, Jesus ist der Wegmedal small

Love Long Lost

Love Long Lost

When I had the chance, I never said a word
I never wore my heart out on my sleeve
I never brought you things to show you that I cared
It simply never did occur to me

Too much is left unsaid
Too much that we forget
Until it's all too late


I tried to understand what made you go away
I guess that I will never know for sure
And I wonder why I couldn't make you stay
But it doesn't really matter anymore

Time will wash out the memory
And the features fade
Like waters rushing to the sea
Time won't pause or wait

My Own Family

My Own Family

I used to wander until daybreak
And I ain't never seen no earthquake
Coming down my lane
My life was going down the drain all this time

Then you walked into my life
And I had to make you my wife

Well, I've seen lots of pretty women
And not one that ever had me dreaming
'Bout wife and kids and all that stuff
'Cause none of them was good enough for me

Approaching without hesitation
You stood my observation

Well, I was spending too much money
On those small-talking half-clad bunnies
I knew it was all show time
And my pay had gone in no time at all

I think that's real funny now
I seem to have more money now

Well, I've been through some really bad times
And I've seen rather screaming sad times
I swung the steering 'round
Yeah it's the loving that I found in your eyes

No more lonely night forever
Gonna hold you tight forever

Nice Try (Just Right)

Nice Try (Just Right)

Let me tell you 'bout a situation
When lots of guys would have taken a chance
It started off with a conversation
And I had thought that we were just friends

Yeah, she wore a fantastic stretch dress
Which she made ride up her thigh
Then she lightly touched her left breast
While she looked straight into my eye

Gonna be strong, you know
Ain't gonna let this get out of control
Because I got a woman who is just right for me

Nice try, white lie, my, my
Baby I'm a tight fly, wise guy, I sigh
Baby you're-a too late, hot babe, no date
I don't want no heartache at stake, no break
Because I got a woman who is just right for me

I said: I'm sorry but I can't do that
She said: nobody would ever find out
I must admit you are a hot cat
But in my mind there ain't no doubt

O Meu Lugar

O Meu Lugar

Pode ser que você estava aqui
As coisas que segridou para mim
Sínto todavia, real você parcia
Uma semana até você voltar
para os meos braços

Perco juízo si você me tocar
Contigo a hora não posso lembrar
Alguma coisa que é dentro de você
Que faz que não me sai
da cabeça, estrela brilhante

Eu cai, você me ajudou
Comecei a viver então
Ver um novo dia você me ensinou
Abriu o meu coração
Agora sei a-onde é o meu lugar

A semana só é um mar impetuoso
Me ameaça, ele é tão poderoso
Até estais aqui, junto finalmente
Faz minha alma aterrizar na ilha do paraíso

Right Behind You

Right Behind You

You never lose
You always get away
With the wrongs you do or say
There's trouble in your wake

You twist the truth
Until it suits you well
Until nobody could ever tell
The real thing from the fake

How long do you think you can pull this off
How long till your lies will make you cough

Grab your things and run
Your shadow's right behind you
Grab your things and run
Your past will always find you, mind you
It's right behind you

Now you take a chance
And leave it all behind
Believing that you'll find
A better life somewhere

And you find new friends
A place you call your home
Your past remains unknown
You're ignoring your nightmares

The backpack in your soul will wear you down
The sad tune in your head is an awful sound

Whatever you do will fall back on you one fine day
Hide in the ground, you're gonna be found anyway
medal gold 3

Smile One More Time For Me

Smile One More Time For Me

Eyes cast down, wearing a frown
You were sitting there looking out of place
Sadness cast a shadow onto your face
I sat down right beside you just saying, hello

Longing to hide in the cold night
You looked up from your dream only occasionally
I tried to melt the ice and put you at ease
And then you seemed to be warming up
There was a spark in your eyes

And then you smiled such a lovely smile
Won't you smile one more time for me

Somebody Knows

Somebody Knows

Somebody feels just the same
Somebody saw all the rain
Somebody's got the burning flame
Making you feel you live again

Somebody knows the tears you cried
Somebody knows the pain inside
Somebody cries like you at night
Somebody knows who you are

Somebody loves the way you look tonight
Somebody feels that love could make it right
Somebody takes away the cloud of sorrow
Somebody's there to share the tears and smiles
(Somebody's there to share with you)

You've got that yearn in your eyes
Somebody makes you fantasize
You wanna spread your wings and rise
You wanna feel the heat inside

Somebody's there who understands
And there ain't no need to comprehend
Mutual pain and desire
Setting your soul right on fire



Ever since she was ten
She learned to smile and hide her pain
She wills the frown to disappear
Yet her heart is a pool of tears

She had made some other plans
When she fell in love with this honest man
She can't admit that he's the one
And her heart will bleed when he'd be gone

Someday she'll turn around
Just to hear the sound of her own heart crying
Someday she will know
That he spoke his very heart when he called her:
Minha luz do sol

She thinks of him constantly
She knows it's where she wants to be
Still she won't trust her own heart
Knowing well it may break apart

Sometimes I Think Of You

Sometimes I Think Of You

Sometimes I, I think of you
You come to my mind out of the blue
And it brings back times when you were the one for me
When our hearts were true
Yes, sometimes I think of you

You were so young and I hadn't grown
Was all mixed up and bad seeds been sown
My life was crazy and it continues to be that way
But I keep pushing through
And sometimes I think of you

Would I run and hide away
If you were here today
Could I make it work out right
If you were here tonight
Yes, sometimes I,
I think of you

What went wrong and why did we fail?
This may sound like an old cliche:
It's not you, it's me. But it really is, you see
There's nothing left to do
But sometimes I think of you

This song's for you - too little, too late
Years gone by, leaving little to say
You have met your love and I am wishing you both well
And I keep pushing through
But sometimes I think of you

This Moment

This Moment

Don't want this moment to end
Holding your love in my hand
When you are leaving
My heart will be grieving
No I don't want this moment to end

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Got a nice ride, it's looking good
Four hundred horses under my hood
Alloy wheels and extras too
Metallic paint in midnight blue

I've got the top down, enjoying the land
Listening to songs of my favorite band
But there's a tiny little problem
I'm stuck in a

Traffic Jam

Got a nice girl, her name is Louise
Guys turn their heads and forget to breathe
She's got the curves where they ought to be
And she's waiting in the bar for me

I'm not gonna make it in time again
The way things are going this could be the end
Cause there's a tiny little problem
I'm stuck in a

Traffic Jam

My cell is ringing, she's on the line
She says: You're late and it's the very last time
I try to explain but she says good bye
The phone goes dead and I can't tell her why

I'm gonna see her as fast as I can
I'm gonna make her understand
But there's a tiny little problem
I'm stuck in a

Traffic Jam

Troubled Road

Troubled Road

Fate won't wait till you're prepared
No one knows when, why or where
Out of the blue it crashes on you
Leaving you helpless

Feeling lost and out of place
A lonely tear runs down your face
You're not alone, I'll take you home
Take my hand

Hand in hand we face the troubled road ahead
Hand in hand we'll make it to the other side
Hand in hand we shall overcome the dread
Hand in hand we'll make it to the light
You're not alone, baby, I'll take you home

The road seems long, you get unsure
Your courage fades, can't take no more
Losing belief and time is the thief
Stealing away your pride

It breaks my heart to see you cry
And still our hope will never die
Just lean on me, and soon we will be
Home and dry

I will always take care of you
And you'll take care of me
There ain't nothing that we can't do
We are gonna be free

medal gold 3



While I'm waiting for my love to come home
I am trying to find the music that I lost so long ago

And suddenly my mind is wandering
To way back when I used to play
All night long and all my songs were satisfying me
Why is it that I had to leave it all behind

Throughout the years I have missed it so much
And I've watched every one else who's able to write quite jealously

I feel that I have failed all along
It all has gone and what is left
Is my old dream, oh, but it seems that even that is pale
How can I go on knowing that I've always done wrong

When She's Gone

When She's Gone

When she's gone, what about tomorrow
When she's gone, what is gonna be
When she's gone, there's pain and sorrow
When she's gone, what about me

Her blue eyes used to shine like diamonds
And her smile used to make me glad
When she's gone, there is only silence
When she's gone, I'm gonna be sad

I feel cold and my hands are shaking
I feel lost, where did she go
When she's gone, my heart is breaking
When she's gone, where will I be

When she's gone, my heart is breaking
When she's gone, what about me

Where I Belong

Where I Belong

Can't believe that you just were here
Whispering those sweet things in my ear
Still it seemed so real, it's just the way I feel
Only a week to go till I have you in my arms again

Your tender touch is driving me out of my mind
When you're with me I'm losing track of time
Something about you makes my dreams come true
You're always on my mind and I want you to be my shining star

You caught me when I was falling
All the trouble these eyes have seen
You helped me see a new day dawning
You walked out of a dream
Now I know where I belong for good

My week is a stormy black sea
House-high waves closing in on me
Until you are near, blowing away my fear
You're making my soul land on snow-white sands of paradise-island

Will The Sun Remember Me

Will The Sun Remember Me

My life is yearning, tears are burning
But like a breeze I felt fulfillment
Gazing 'cross fulfillment's sea
The ship of hope left without me
How I long to be aboard with you

When will the sun remember me
When will the rain stop falling from my eyes
When will the sun remember me
When will the pain quit playing with my life

Stolen moments, excitement growing
Not meant to be so freely flowing
Growing uncontrollably
Burning hot inside of me
How I long to feel the love with you

A tear is running down my cheek
Your touch has left me warm and weak
How I long to feel your touch again

Memories wrapped in cotton
And stowed in my heart's vault
To never be forgotten
Ready to be called
And I feed on them when sadness is here
I feed on them when madness is near

You Do Anything

You Do Anything

When I get lonely you are there
When I'm in trouble you take care
And when I get mad you calm me down
With the lightest kiss you take off my frown
And you're beautiful yeah, yeah, yeah

When I'm unsteady you take my hand
When I need my time you understand
And when I need love you hold me tight
With your soft caress you make me feel right
You are beautiful
Oh, I love you baby

You do anything to make me feel all right
You make my heart sing, you take me to the light

When I am aching you ease the pain
And when I get lost you call my name
And when I feel sad you make me smile
In your special way you're making me high
Yeah, you're beautiful

When I need silence you close the door
When I enjoy things you give me more
And when I feel cold you warm my heart
You've got what it takes to make me a star
Yeah you're beautiful yeah, yeah

You are heaven sent
You are beautiful outside and within
I'm loving you now and always will
When we grow old I'll love you still

You Gotta Talk

You Gotta Talk

So I, I have been wrong and I'm not aware of it
Something that I have done, it may be wrong a little bit
Something that I have said or is it what I didn't say
Can't see inside your head, I keep guessing what is not okay

Now I wouldn't know where I was mistaken
I only know that our love is shaking

You gotta talk
If you want me to know it
You gotta talk
And don't you leave no doubt
You gotta talk
If you don't wanna blow it
You gotta talk
Then we can work it out
You gotta talk

You never do ask for help though you really need a hand
You do it all by yourself and I just don't understand

I'm sorry if I don't guess what's on your mind
We'd better talk before there is no more time

I think this is a misunderstanding
We'd better talk to start comprehending

You're The One

You're The One

Some old pictures tell a tale about you
And they melt a million years away
They bring back times when our love was new
And it feels to me it was only yesterday

I can feel the warmth of your voice
You never left me no choice
You just dug up my heart with the spark in your eye

You're the one who is haunting me in my life
You're the one who did everything you knew would hurt me bad
You're the one with the tongue as sharp as a knife
And I know you're the sweetest love that I have ever had

Your happy smile is engraved on my mind
You were everything I have lived for
You were the best one I could ever hope to find
Until one day you didn't love me anymore

I can smell the sweet scent of your skin
Oh, what trouble I was in
You just dug up my heart and left me to die